This is submitted final art of the original bulldog, which is for my schoolteacher niece to use as a class mascot. This led me to the other bulldogs I posted a few days ago (See blogDawgs, July 30).

While immersed in the mascot sketches, I received a client project — a routine project of providing three illustrations for a marketing blog. When I illustrate these, I generally look for a visual metaphor that isn’t an obvious choice yet manages to tie the three drawings together.

The theme this issue was recession marketing and as I read the articles, it occurred to me that much of what they were advocating called for tenacity, dogged determination, a bullish attitude — and because bulldogs were in my head already, the artwork started drawing itself. The client loved the concept.


~ by crittur on August 5, 2009.

4 Responses to “mean13”

  1. i dont want to enter his yard

  2. Ha ha; I agree, Kokot.

  3. I thought he was practice for the marketing client! I arrived home today to find out he’s a mascot. How cool!

  4. Yep, she/he was the beginning of this. One of the next steps for Emily (schoolteacher niece) is to have the students name him/her (which in my mind, determines gender, if any).

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