cogiTo, erGo & suM

chess pieces

Final art for articles about thought leadership. As I cogitated the concept (see chessHedz, posted September 2), I happened to see a magazine cover with artwork depicting two people playing chess; therefore I pondered which chess pieces might represent the thrust of each of the three articles; and the sum of my thinking led to this art existing.


~ by crittur on September 3, 2009.

4 Responses to “cogiTo, erGo & suM”

  1. I like it, Tom; especially the use of the hands to denote expression with the rook. I find it interesting that the pawn is the one doing all the talking. Is that how it goes?I suppose it does. Then the Knight is getting ready with his cheesey-ness. Pretty cool.

  2. Thanks, Leslie. FYI, that’s meant to be a bishop talking; bishops and pawns do have similar shapes.

  3. Whoops! That’s right. The pawn has the little round head? Sorry! Guess you know who to play chess with if you want to win!

  4. Trust me, I wouldn’t win by much.

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