~ by crittur on November 15, 2009.

4 Responses to “oopZ”

  1. Used to live on a lake when I was a kid, Tom. Every once in awhile we would find a turtle in this predicament and turn him over. I always felt sorry for them and wondered how many we didn’t get to. It usually happened when they were trying to climb off a rock they were sunning on and went topsy-turvy.

  2. What lake? I know you’re in the Ft. Wayne area . . . my family had a cottage on Lake Webster (just south of Wawasee).

  3. Corey Lake outside of Three Rivers, Michigan. Do you find that all these wonderful lakes that had neat old homes have been overtaken? Corey looks nothing like it used to. It is a real Estate bonanza with huge three story winterized homes that overtake the shoreline and minimize the beauty of the countryside and lake. I won’t go back.

  4. Geist Reservoir down here in Indianapolis used to be a great place to paddle a canoe, with wooded shorelines and no boat traffic. Now the mansions that line the shore are unbelievable and the boar traffic is so heavy it’d be safer to walk across I-465 than to launch a canoe on Geist. That may have happened to Webster by now; it certainly was happening to the larger neighboring lakes of Tippecanoe and Wawasee.

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