professorBug in color

Client assignment, stage three: Once it’s dry, I scan the inked character in black/white mode at 600ppi. I then make a layered .psd file, in which I may do some minor cleanup of the line art. I switch to grayscale mode and use the wand tool to remove the white background from the line art layer. Color is added mostly using the brush tool and a typical art piece will have four to eight layers of color to allow for quick edits, if needed (such as when a client wants a different shade of brown). When finished, I supply a .jpeg proof to the client and a flattened 300ppi tiff file to the printer. When placed and reduced at 80%, this art will fit a 6- x 9-inch page with a half-inch margin on all sides.


~ by crittur on January 6, 2010.

2 Responses to “professorBug in color”

  1. I like the gradation in the background behind the professor, Tom. I also like the the hands on one side are doing something and the ones on the near side are resting on lapel. Otherwise I think he would no longer look stately, but scatterbrained (unprofessor-like). I had no idea you had to go through all this. How long does it take you to just do the computer finishing?

  2. Thanks, Leslie. One of the big fun pieces of this project has been the opportunity to figure out what FOUR hands would be doing in any given pose! This particular drawing, professorBug, took about 5.5 hours from first pencil line to uploading final art to the printer. About three hours of that was scanning, manipulation and adding color.

    That doesn’t include the initial conversation with the client about this piece, which was some light brainstorming, nor the “gestation period,” when I draw a drawing in my head before picking up a pencil. All of that was perhaps another half hour.

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