MondoBeat authors send me their draft copy so I can understand the topical theme and begin concepting an art theme that ties it all together. Sometimes that’s a quick take — such as the Thought Leadership theme that led to drawings of chess pieces a few issues ago; other times, it’s more of a developing process that revolves around a promising visual path that just lands in my head.

The latter was the case in this instance — Webinars — which is intangible for anything other than boring visual associations of talking heads. But suppose the heads belong to another species?

I had just finished illustrating a book on controlling pests in the food industry, for which I had drawn mice, and had just finished reading the first volume of Mouse Guard, a fascinating and beautifully drawn graphic novel. How would a mouse give a webinar? And about what? The notion started to click when I shrunk the concept of a webinar down to mouse size and suddenly, I saw an iPhone as the delivery vehicle, which quickly led to “trapApp” as the topic. But how to broadcast? A video camera? . . . No . . . a web cam, of course. Shrink everything.

Next came the Do’s and Don’ts. In my head, I worked through images of a mouse pointing at a list until I focused on the mouse pointing its finger, and thought of it wagging its finger to say “Don’t, don’t” to, uh . . . well, a cat, of course.

Then, the topic of branding, often the toughest. In this case, the author took branding into the realm of how you expand your webinar brand into other social media, and the visual came rather quickly. A mouse logging into, uh, MouseBook? Well, no, SqueakedIn!

OK, done. Tomorrow, I’ll look at artwork technique.


~ by crittur on January 27, 2010.

2 Responses to “badKitty”

  1. Fantastic. Thank-you for letting me know part of the process you go through to create what you do. Truly amazing to me.

  2. Leslie, I appreciate reading your process, too. Thank you.

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