Each piece of work begins with a pencil stage. I work and re-work (as needed) the idea, the story board, the character(s). I form notions in my head about how I’ll ink the final art. I then scan the pencil drawing with a grayscale setting at 300ppi and print the drawing at a comfy size for inking.

To ink, I overlay the pencil drawing with a sheet of pure rag marker paper and draw with black ink from a brush that has a self-contained reservoir. This is where I work on nuance of line and begin the shading process. In the past, I’ve often used #s 3 and 4 sable brushes dipped into an ink bottle and I may go back to that. I often augment the brush work with pens. And yes, as a young’un, I actually dipped metal nib ruling pens into an ink bottle.

Once the ink drawing is dry, I scan it in black/white mode at 600ppi. I then make a layered .psd file, in which I may do some minor cleanup of the line art. I switch to grayscale mode and use the wand tool to remove the white background from the line art layer. Color is added mostly using the brush tool and a typical art piece will have four to eight layers of color to allow for quick edits, if needed.


~ by crittur on January 28, 2010.

2 Responses to “squeakedIn”

  1. Your work, where you switch from hand rendering and what you do in Photoshop? or on a program on the computer is where I am sorely in need of practice. I admire your skill in this area. Truly an accomplished illustrator!

  2. Thnak you, Leslie. I work in Photoshop and I know people much more schooled in that program than me but I rely on it. I never had the talent or the discipline to master what you have, working with “real” media, so this is my route. Most of it really is fun and challenging, and I always look forward to it.

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