notNowCow two

Final art, inked & colored for a client project, a magazine article about microgardening, a practice in which garden seeds are sown and tended to the sprout stage and then harvested. (Think alfalfa sprouts but anything we can plant qualifies as a candidate.) I ruminated quite a while on this, wandering between concepts, before zeroing in on the author’s comment about her first attempt yielding “a miniature pasture of bright green stems that was just begging for a tiny cow and a toy tractor.” Once I got there, the cow’s response to an impending milking by giant fingers would not leave my head.


~ by crittur on February 6, 2010.

One Response to “notNowCow two”

  1. This has impact in color. I think this one shows a dramatic difference between the black and white and the colored version.

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